• Summer Daze
  • Roslyn Sheen
Summer Daze

Summer is my favourite time of year. Long hot days, lots of visit to the beach, afternoons cooling down in the pool, ice cream and best of all Christmas!

Summer holidays have taken on a whole new meaning now that my son has started school. We've taken advantage of lazy mornings and being able to catch up with friends and cousins whenever we want. We stayed in a cool Airbnb in Northern NSW for a few nights, went camping over at North Stradbroke Island, had spontaneous day trips to Gold Coast beaches and visited family up the mountain in beautiful Toowoomba.

I hope everyone had a happy and relaxing Christmas and New Years. I love the chance to switch off, it's good to start a new year feeling energised and refreshed.

Here is a little snapshot of our Summer highlights.



  • Roslyn Sheen