Add a beautiful and luxurious touch to your gift with these individually hand-written, and unique gift tags.


 Card display stands and package options.

Grow your business with beautiful cards & postcards that have your logo and business name on the back.

We can create a large range of products to suit your business needs, including greeting cards, swing tags and postcards. We have a large range of botanical images that you can choose from, simply email ros@pinkblossomtree.com for more information.

Wholesale greeting cards, Australia. RRP $3.50 each.
Wholesale greeting cards, Australia. RRP $2.50 each.

The prettiest stocktake sale ever! 

This is seriously the best time to re-stock your gift cards before the end of financial year.

We've cleaned out the shelves and selected some of our most loved card designs and re-priced them just for this sale!

(*Valid only on packs without packaging sleeves)

With the exchange of flowers on Valentine's Day one also needs the perfect card to write their message of love. Here is our pick of cards we think your customers will love...